About Thank you, India

current state

We followed wisdom traditions from science, psychology, philosophy, scriptures, management and more.
100+ thinkers.

And in the discovery process realized:

  • Every human will always have something routine and something exceptional.
  • Every human will be sometimes right and sometimes wrong.
  • We haven’t been adequately trained to gracefully handle the routine and the wrong.
  • Routine needs dignity.
  • Wrong needs positivity.
  • Every right (routine or exception) is an opportunity for celebration.
  • Every wrong (routine or exception) is an opportunity for a business model or a social model.

We stumbled upon the meta-strategy: “Thank You”.

A simple thank you has the potential to harness routine with dignity and happiness.
Thanking the routine-right automatically increases positivity to handle the wrong. In other words this act reduces the focus on petty blaming and shaming and elevates high quality connections with others.

proposed state

About Conscious Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Who are we?

We are Conscious Labs Private Limited.

Why do we exist?

To preserve good and encourage more good.

What shall we do?

Simplify wisdom into daily tiny acts.

How shall we achieve this?

Through social experiments and dialogue.
Thank you, India is our first social experiment.
It is run by Thankfulness Research and Development Foundation.